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Formwork Supplies

Formwork Products


Formwork –Armourform Formply, Armourdeck, LVL, Reinforcing, PVC Wall System & Accessories Big River both manufactures their own high quality formwork products ...

Formwork Supplies


Formwork –Armourform Formply, Armourdeck, LVL, Reinforcing, PVC Wall System & Accessories

Big River both manufactures their own high quality formwork products and supplies the leading industry brands. Discover the benefits of both and find the right one for your project.

Armourform Formply

Big River manufactures a wide range of plywood formwork products in total hardwood, mixed pine and hardwood, or all pine construction. All Big River formply is EWPAA stamped, JAS-ANZ accredited and BCA certified.

  • Armourform F27 -premium quality total hardwood formply manufactured from Australian hardwood eucalypt species. It is extremely strong, stiff and durable, outperforming other formply in all respects. Can achieve up to 60 castings.
  • Stress grades from F14 to F22 – manufactured from a mixture of hardwood and pine veneers, or all pine construction.

Armourdeck – Steel Decking

Manufactured by Big River Group, the formwork specialists, Armourdeck™ steel formwork caters for industry requirements of fast, efficient suspended concrete slabs creation. Available in two widths, 300 and 600mm, and with a composite action you can expect increased efficiency when forming a high performance composite slab. ArmourdeckTM is roll-formed hot-dip zinc coated, hi-tensile steel strip conforms to AS1397, ensuring it has:

  • High composite strength
  • Long spanning capability
  • Reliable interlocking horizontal laps
  • Minimal deflection

Being lighter than formply and available in a range of base metal thicknesses (BMT) ArmourdeckTM is easier to install, requiring no stripping in most applications, and perfect for both concrete and steel frame construction. It comes complete with a range of accessories.
Contact Big River for all your Formwork Specifications and design support.

Formwork LVL

If you’re after formwork LVL, edgeboard LVL, scaffold plank LVL and other formwork products look no further. Big River has the widest range in concrete structural applications, these are certified by the Engineered Wood Products of Australia to meet AS/NZS 4357 requirements for structural LVL.


truFORM from Carter Holt Harvey is structural laminated veneer lumber (LVL) for use as formwork bearers and joists. truFORM is light, straight, uniform and painted bright orange for moisture protection, with the end sections colour coded for easy on-site identification.
It’s easier to install and stronger than traditional alternatives, thus saving you time and money while providing a superior end result on the concrete finish. Sourced from sustainable plantation timber and EWPAA certified. Used in conjunction with Big River’s Armourform it results in a cost-efficient formwork solution.


Used in concrete formwork framing projects as edge boards and as boxing for residential slabs, Carter Holt Harvey’s edgeFORM is arised and painted red for moisture protection and easier identification. edgeFORM is light, straight and more uniform than traditional alternatives making it faster and easier to install.


Formwork Oregon is available from 100x50mm to 100x75mm and in 2.4m to 6.0m lengths.


Hyplank from Carter Holt Harvey are specifically designed scaffold planks for use in place of conventional timber or hazardous metal planks, and where modular systems cannot adapt to scaffolding size and shape requirements. They are:

  • Tough
  • Long lasting
  • Resilient to corrosion
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Lightweight, but hard-wearing
  • End sealed with a wax emulsion to reduces moisture entry
  • EWPAA certified and sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation pine

Steel Reinforcing Products

For your convenience our one-stop building and reinforcing products are kept in stock so there’s no delay in getting the job completed on time. We supply a comprehensive range of high quality

  • reinforcing bar,
  • reinforcing mesh,
  • Z & L-shaped bar,
  • trench mesh & ligatures,
  • bar chairs, edgeboards, pegs,
  • Armourdeck and other reo accessories.

We supply processed bar off the plan and deliver to your project when you require it. The staff at Big River can assist you with your enquiries and recommend you always consult with a qualified structural engineer to ensure the product selected is suited for your application.

Typical applications for steel reinforcing products include concrete slabs for residential and commercial building sites, driveways and footpaths, pre-cast and tilt-up slabs, ligatures for footing cages and supports for trench mesh when forming up residential slabs. More details and brochures can be found on the specifications tab.  Send your plans in today for a competitive quote or click here to place your order online.

PVC Wall Formwork System

The PVC Wall Formwork System is an extruded Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) permanent wall formwork system. It consists of a number of outer edges that interlock via central link panels; these join the sides prior to the concrete core filling. Once filled it serves as a structural element allowing the builder to reduce the overall construction time and cost of the project. Designed and produced for Australian conditions it is a sacrificial formwork for concrete walls, as it remains in place for the life of the structure.

The PVC Wall Formwork System is:

  • Lightweight
  • Easier to install than brick or concrete walls
  • Usable without cranes or other lifting equipment
  • Speedier in construction and with wall thickness reductions that generate savings
  • Installed in less time and with less required labour
  • Less tool and equipment intensive, reducing safety risks and associated costs
  • A sophisticated engineering technique that uses less horizontal reinforcing, footing sizes and suspended slab thicknesses

The PVC Wall Formwork System can replace nearly all types of vertical formwork used for walls and columns. This makes it suitable for specialised facilities such as hotels, hospital and aged care, as well as civil constructions. Its versatility means it can be used for a number of applications including: concrete walls, lift shafts and stairwells, shear walls, boundary walls, basement walls, retention tanks and civil structure walls amongst others.

Formwork Accessories

If you’re after builder’s hardware Big River can supply all your formwork accessory needs and deliver to site saving you time, worry and effort. Including:

  • Fillet
  • Nails
  • Conduits
  • Wing nuts
  • Hardwood pegs
  • Steel Strapping
  • Tensioners and dispensers
  • Jacks
  • U-heads
  • Frames
  • Braces
  • Z bars
  • Saw blades
  • Silicone
  • Columns
  • Crimpers
  • Shoring systems (including Vertical props)
  • Stillages
  • Prop stillages
  • Formply edgeboards

Armourform Formply Range

Stress Grade Sheet Size Thicknesses (mm)  Bond type Construction
F27 1800 & 2400×1200 12, 17, 19, 25 A Total hardwood
F22 1800 & 2400×1200 12, 17, 19, 25 A Pine and hardwood mix
F17 1800 & 2400×1200 17 A All pine or pine & hardwood
F17 1800 & 2400×1200 17, 19 B Pine core, hardwood faces
F14 1800 & 2400×1200 12, 17, 19, 25 A Pine core, hardwood faces

Armourform Specifications

Stress Grades F14, F17, F22, F27
Standard AS/NZS 6669
Timber Species Mixed Hardwood, Radiata Pine, 0.9mm Hardwood face and back
Moisture Content As per AS/NZS 2269 (not less than 8% or more than 15%)
Tolerance As per AS/NZS 2369-2008
Adhesives Phenol formaldehyde (AS/NZS 2754.1) -Type A.
Melamine fortified urea formaldehyde (AS/NZS 2754-1) – Type B
Bonds F22 and F27 – Type B (AS/NZS 2098.2)
F17 – Type A or B
F14 – Type A
Formaldehyde Emission E0
Off-form Finish Suitable for Class 2 and Class 3
Certification EWPAA. Chain of Custody AS4707

Features and Benefits

Armourform F27

  • Total Hardwood Green Edge formply with a high density phenolic overlay
  • Premium quality formply, manufactured and designed for fixed formwork applications
  • Superior spanning capabilities ideal for tableforms, jumpforms, slipforms, shutters, heavy civil engineering and mining applications

Armourform F22

  • Green Edge Red Stripe formply constructed with a mixture of hardwood / pine veneers and has a high-density phenolic overlay
  • Cost effective formply with a high strength to weight ratio
  • Offers great versatility as it can be used in all applications from conventional to system formwork

Armourform F17

  • Green Edge Yellow Stripe formply constructed with mixed species veneers with a hardwood face and phenolic overlay
  • Highly durable and ideal for general formwork use such as decks, recast and tilt up panel construction

Armourform F14

  • Constructed from pine veneers with hardwood face and phenolic overlay
  • Cost effective formply for general use, but without the strength or re-usability of the higher stress graded products in our range

EWPAA Compliance – Formwork to trust

EWPAA Flyer – Formply to Trust (Apr 17)

EWPAA Fact Sheet – Know Your Formply (Mar 17)

Steel Reinforcing Products

Reinforcing Mesh – 6m x 2.4m CODE Cross Wires mm Edge Wires mm Mass kg
Reinforcing Mesh SL62 SL62 6.00 @ 200 4.77 @ 100 33
Reinforcing Mesh SL72 SL72 6.75 @ 200 4.77 @ 100 41
Reinforcing Mesh SL82 SL82 7.6 @ 200 5.37 @ 100 52
Reinforcing Mesh SL92 SL92 8.6 @ 200 6.00 @ 100 66
Trench Mesh – Low Ductility Ribbed – 6m CODE Longitudinal Wires mm Cross Wires mm Mass kg
Trench Mesh L11 – 200x 6.0 L11TM200 10.65 @ 100 4.77 @ 300 13
Trench Mesh L11 – 300 x 6.0 L11TM300 10.65 @ 100 4.77 @ 300 18
Trench Mesh L12 – 200 x 6.0 L12TM200 11.9 @ 100 4.77 @ 300 16
Trench Mesh L12 – 300 x 6.0 L12TM300 11.9 @ 100 4.77 @ 300 22
Reo Bar – Normal Ductility Class Deformed – Type 500N   Diameter mm Length m  
Reinforcing Bar N12S Straight 6m N12S6 12 6  
Reinforcing Bar N16S Straight 6m N16S6 16 6  
Reinforcing Bar N20S Straight 6m N20S6 20 6  
Bar Chairs – Slab On Ground Plastic CODE Size mm Per bag  
Combo Bar Chair clip on 50-65 SOG5065C 50 x 65 100  
Combo Bar Chair 75-90 SOG7590 75 x 90 100  
Combo Bar Chair 25-40 SOG2540 25 x 40 100  
Tie Wire CODE Length m Per bundle Diameter mm
Belt Pack Tie Black Wire TW4 TW4 95 10 1.6
Ligatures R10mm CODE Size mm Per bundle  
R10 Ligs 300×200 BDL 10 TML3020 300 x 200 10  
R10 Ligs 350×200 BDL 10 TML3520 350 x 200 10  
R10 Ligs 300×250 BDL 10 TML3025 300 x 250 10  
R10 Ligs 300×300 BDL 10 TML3030 300 x 300 10  
R10 Ligs 350×300 BDL 10 TML3530 350 x 300 10  
Processed Deformed Bar Cut and bending as scheduled off plan

Flyer Big River Group Reinforcing & Formwork Products

Armourdeck Steel Formwork

  • Armourdeck™ 300 – 300mm cover for ease of handling
  • Armourdeck™ 600 – 600mm cover for fast installation.


LVL Formwork

  • TruformAvailable in 95 x 47, 95 x 65, 130 x 65, 130 x 77 and 150 x 77 end sections and comes in increments of 600mm from 2.4m to 6m.
  • EdgeformAvailable in 100 x 36mm, 150 x 36mm, 170 x 36mm, 200 x 36mm and 240 x 36mm in 4.8m and 6.0m lengths.
  • OregonFormwork Oregon is available from 100x50mm to 100x75mm and in 2.4m to 6.0m lengths.
  • HyplankA wide range of sizes such as 230 x 39mm in increments of 600mm from 2.4m to 4.8m.


PVC Wall System Formwork

The PVC Wall System comes in standard wall thicknesses of 110, 150 and 200mm x 400mm wide and can be made to order in other sizes. AS3600 and AS3610, BCA and AS/NZS 3837:1998 compliant.

PVC Wall System


Product Code Profile Height
AP – 200/150/110 PANEL 400MM WIDE 6.0m
HP – 200/150/110 PANEL 200MM WIDE 6.0m
QP – 200/150/110 PANEL 100MM WIDE 6.0m
TC – 200/150/110 TOP CAP 3.3m
BT – 200/150/110 BOTTOM TRACK 3.3m
FJT – 200/150/110 FEMALE JUNCTION TRACK 3.3m
MJT – 200/150/110 MALE JUNCTION TRACK 3.3m
MEC – 200/150/110 MALE END CAP 3.3m
FEC – 200/150/110 FEMALE END CAP 3.3m
CS – 200/150/110 CORNER STOP 3.3m
EF – 200/150/110 EDGE FLASHING 3.3m
PC – 200/150/110 PANEL CONNECTOR 3.3m

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