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Fibre Cement – Enduring Flooring & Decking

Do you have a job requiring a substrate for flooring or decking? Do you need a material that is quicker to install than masonry, lighter than concrete and will last longer than timber, plywood or particle board? When building a floor you have to be certain you’re using a material that will not only have the required structural strength, but will also be easy install, keep you on schedule and minimise the likelihood of costly callbacks.

Fibre cement offers excellent structural integrity and is a great choice when creating a flooring surface over timber or steel joists. Our selection of fibre cement and compressed sheeting means you can count on achieving high performance, durable outcomes for both internal and external substrate applications.

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Ideal for Interior or Exterior Flooring

With options including the leading choice among builders, Scyon™ Secura™, plus a range of compressed fibre cement sheets, you can create robust and lasting:

  • Balconies
  • Verandas
  • Non-saltwater pool surrounds
  • Bathroom or laundry floors

Smooth, flat, impact resistant and moisture resistant fibre cement is the perfect base to support ceramic tiles, carpets, floating floors, parquet, pebble finishes and synthetic turfs. With termite resistance and protection from rot, it is everything you need in a flooring substrate solution.

Additionally, certain varieties are non-combustible in accordance with the provisions of the building code of Australia, making it applicable for flooring or decking in bushfire prone areas.

Need a Reliable Flooring Substrate?

Does your build require a durable material to underpin various types of flooring? Request a quote for a solution or contact your local Big River branch to discuss your options and how we can help.

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