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Reinforcing Products

Reinforcing Products mesh


Big River stocks high quality steel reinforcing products and accessories supplying the leading industry brands.

Reinforcing Products

Big River stocks high quality steel reinforcing products and accessories supplying the leading industry brands.


Reinforcing Mesh and Trench Mesh

Steel reinforcing mesh is stocked  in square ribbed mesh sheets 6m long x 2.4m wide. Low ductility ribbed Trench mesh is also available for residential and commercial sites for your convenience.  Applications include reinforced concrete slabs, driveways and footpaths, precast & tilt-up slabs. See our specifications tab for further details.


Big River Group stock and deliver normal ductility class Type 500N deformed reinforcing bar. Typical reo bar applications include residential, commercial and industrial applications from concrete slabs to precast products. Reo Bar is used in construction sites for reinforcing concrete structures such as  bridges, roads, and buildings to increase stability and resistance to mechanical stress.   We stock L and Z shaped bar and can provide processed bar as scheduled off the plan to meet your requirements.


Typical applications include footing cages and supports for trench mesh when forming up residential slabs. Rectangular and square  ligatures are stocked in a range of sizes. Click on the specification tab for more details of the ligatures Big River stocks.

Reo Accessories

For your convenience our one-stop building and reinforcing supplies are available so there’s no delay in getting the job completed on time. Choose from our range of plastic slab on ground bar chairs, tie wire, edge-boards, timber pegs, and Armourdeck steel formwork for suspended concrete slabs and more.

Big River has competitive prices on a comprehensive range of reo, building & construction supplies and we deliver to site for your convenience. Talk to our experienced staff about advice or ideas, or send us your online request for a quote today. Always consult with a qualified structural engineer to ensure the product selected is suited for your application.  Discover the advantages of getting all your project requirements from Big River Group.

Refer to the Specifications below to view the Big River reinforcing product range stocked and the Downloads for further information.


Reinforcing Product Range
Reinforcing Mesh – 6m x 2.4m
Product Cross Wires mm Edge Wires mm Mass kg
SL62 6.00 @ 200 4.77 @ 100 33
SL72 6.75 @ 200 4.77 @ 100 41
SL82 7.6 @ 200 5.37 @ 100 52
SL92 8.6 @ 200 6.00 @ 100 66
Trench Mesh – Low Ductility Ribbed – 6m
Product Longitudinal Wires mm Cross Wires mm Mass kg
L11 – 200 x 6.0 10.65 @ 100 4.77 @ 300 13
L11 – 300 x 6.0 10.65 @ 100 4.77 @ 300 18
L12 – 200 x 6.0 11.9 @ 100 4.77 @ 300 16
L12 – 300 x 6.0 11.9 @ 100 4.77 @ 300 22
Reinforcing Bar – Normal Ductility Class Deformed – Type 500N
Product Diameter mm Length m  
N12S 12 6  
N16S 16 6  
N20S 20 6  
Bar Chairs – Slab On Ground – Plastic combo
Product Size mm Per bag  
50-65 clip-on 50 x 65 100  
75-90 75 x 90 100  
25-40 25 x 40 100  
Tie Wire – Black 1.6mm
Product Length m Per bundle  
TW4 Belt Pack 95 10  
Trench Mesh Ligatures R10mm
Product Size mm Per bundle  
TML3020 300 x 200 10  
TML3520 350 x 200 10  
TML3025 300 x 250 10  
TML3030 300 x 300 10  
TML3530 350 x 300 10  
Processed Bar   As scheduled off the plan