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RedEdge Edgeform

About RedEdge Edgeform

RedEdge is a Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) specifically prepared for use in concrete formwork applications as edgeboards. RedEdge is painted red for moisture protection and square edged for ease of concrete finishing. RedEdge is light, straight and more uniform than traditional alternatives.

Concrete edge board rebar
RedEdge Edgeform packages
RedEdge Edgeform Concrete drying
RedEdge Edgeform Concrete edge board

Table: RedEdge Sizes

*Available in 5.4 & 6m in QLD, NSW & VIC
*Available only in 6m in SA & WA
Depth (mm) Width (mm) Pieces per Pack
100 36 90
150 36 63
170 36 54
200 36 45
240 36 36
300 36 27