Installing a Pre Hung Door System

Installing a Pre Hung Door System

Don’t Be Hung-Up –On Doors. It’s time-consuming and often frustrating when nothing is plumb or level but essential to hanging a door correctly. Hinges, warped framework, sanding edge… the list goes on forever. It can often be a major part of the building job installing doors properly.

Big River provides the expertise for you making door installation a straightforward task. Except for door choice there is the decision of left or right opening that means checking clearances from furniture placement, electrical and light switches and other obstacles. To make the job easy, check out the video on how to install a pre-hung door system from single to a 4-door system.

With Big River’s expertise all the hard work is done and you’ll complete the job in no time at all. Installation instructions are comprehensive and allow high productivity, low stress and no hang-ups.

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