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Scyon Cladding

Stria Scandibarn Exterior Adelaide James Hardie

A little about the Scyon Formulation

James Hardie's Scyon Formulation is an innovative evolution of fibre cement. A technology allowing fibre cement boards, sheets and trims to be beautiful and easy to build with. The low density formulation means the Scyon product range can be 16mm thick for compelling cladding profiles and weatherboards with luxurious deep shadow lines. Conventional fibre cement is limited to around 9mm before it's too difficult to nail. The beauty is more than skin-deep. The Scyon formulation helps simplify and speed up construction.

Scyon Cladding


James Hardie Scyon™ Fibre Cement for External Claddings

When you need contemporary architectural style, with unique wall texturing and highly aesthetic paint schemes look no further than Scyon walls. Mix, match and create for truly unique and individual home styles. The range includes horizontal and vertical cladding, panels, weatherboards, trim and all the accessories you need to finish the job professionally.

Scyon Linea Weatherboard
A 16mm thick horizontal weatherboard with deep shadow lines for a bold look that endures through all conditions. Linea is the thickest weatherboard available with a choice of 150mm and 180mm widths in 4.2m lengths, allowing you to create a classic, contemporary or composite look.

For more weatherboard options, also see our other weatherboards.

Scyon Stria Cladding
An external, horizontal cladding range featuring a ship-lapped joint that’s absolutely stunning as external walls and internal feature walls. Stria™ cladding is made from Scyon™, this means a complete package of advanced, lightweight cement composite that is pre-primed, easy to install and has heavy-duty performance. It features resistance to termites, rot and fire. Stria™ cladding is the fast way to achieve a timeless and classic look that endures.

Scyon Axon Vertical Cladding
The Axon range equals eye-catching dynamism, with choices in smooth or woodgrain finishes and 133mm or 400mm widths. This finely detailed cladding utilises strong vertical lines that draw the eye upwards, making roof lines appear taller and with added sophistication over plain wall styles. Because it’s made from Scyon™ it resists shrinking, swelling and cracking, so you can rely on it to hold paint, both dark and light, longer than wood.

Scyon Matrix Panel Cladding
For bold urban and modern walls select the Matrix range: Brick, Horizontal, Vertical or Square the possibilities are endless. Matrix is phenomenal in all the regular Scyon range applications: additions, extensions and full building wraps. With Matrix it’s easy to create an attention grabbing townhouse design or uniform commercial look thanks to its 8mm thick pre-sanded and pre-primed design. Whether you’re highlighting individual features or adding flair to ceilings, walls or cantilevers you can do it all with Matrix (with the added benefit of not needing a steel top hat as with other systems). And, to top it all off, it’s resistant to termites, fire and damage from moisture.

Scyon Axent Trim
Used for window surrounds and as a junction for cladding on external corners. Axent Trim takes advantage of Scyon’s inherent properties to resist shrinking, swelling, cracking, termites, fire and damage from moisture. Important for an external product, it also retains both light and dark paint longer than wood when installed and maintained correctly.

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Scyon Linea weatherboard

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 150mm wide x 16mm x 4.2m
  • 180mm wide x 16mm x 4.2m

Linea weatherboard Physical Properties July 2010

Scyon Stria Cladding

Stria cladding comes in the following range and profiles:

Product code Profile Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Mass(kg/m2)
404063 Standard 325 4200 14 18.93
404413 Wide 405 4200 14 18.93
404522 Splayed 255 4200 16 21.6

Scyon Axon Vertical Cladding

Product code Profile Groove Spacing(mm) Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Mass(kg/m2)
403931 Smooth 133 2,450 1,200 9 12.5
404417 Smooth 400 2,450 1,200 9 12.5
403932 Smooth 133 2,750 1,200 9 12.5
404418 Smooth 400 2,750 1,200 9 12.5
403933 Smooth 133 3,000 1,200 9 12.5
404419 Smooth 400 3,000 1,200 9 12.5
404510 Grained 133 2,450 1,200 9 12.5
404511 Grained 133 2,750 1,200 9 12.5
404512 Grained 133 3,000 1,200 9 12.5

Scyon Matrix Panel Cladding

Available in the following sizes:

Product code Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Mass(kg/m2)
403811 1,190 1,190 8 12.6
403810 2,390 590 8 12.6
403812 1,790 890 8 12.6
404169 2,990 1,190 8 12.6
Scyon™ cavity trim
403840 2,450 70 19 3.4