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Internal Lining

Internal Lining


Fibre Cement - Internal Linings Protected from Damage Does your build require solutions for frequently wet or high traffic rooms? Do ...

Internal Lining

Fibre Cement – Internal Linings Protected from Damage

Does your build require solutions for frequently wet or high traffic rooms? Do you need linings that can withstand daily shower moisture or splashbacks that protect kitchen walls from stains and splashes? Many rooms in your projects will probably face heavy daily usage from general wear and accidental spills. You need to be sure that you’ve selected materials that protect against these potentially damaging factors.
Fibre cement is perfect for interior usage where more delicate materials are unsuitable. Big River stocks a wide range of fibre cement options ideal for use as either a substrate or a visible lining. With choices from leading manufacturer James Hardie you can select the variety most suitable for your project.

Durable, Interior Linings and Substrates

When you need a hardwearing material for substrate linings, such as those in bathrooms or kitchens, fibre cement is the answer. Its tensile strength means when used as a substrate you can secure tiling higher up the walls in bathrooms. Its smooth, flat surface makes tiling simple to apply, with easy, damage-free removal if mistakes in tiling are made. Good impact and moisture resistance makes it long lasting, without deforming or losing structural integrity. So there are no surprising or expensive repairs down the line for homeowners – and fewer call backs for you.
Where hardwearing or appealing linings are required, such as hallways, living rooms or garages, fibre cement offers the suitable qualities. With textured and grooved options available, you can create visually interesting interiors without sacrificing functionality. Resistant to wear and tear, thin and lightweight means:

  • Easy installation
  • Less valuable internal space used
  • Long lifetimes

Our Internal Lining Stock

HardieGroove™ Lining
This variety is great for hard-wearing internal wall linings such as hallways, residential living areas and garages and even on soffits. The durable, tongue-and-groove system measures 2700x1200mm x 7.5mm thick and has a timber panel look. It is site painted and can be used on either timber or light gauge steel framed homes.

PineRidge® Lining
A timber-textured woodgrain sheet lining that is smart choice for residential living areas, hallways, garages and workshops. It comes with many benefits, including being designed for on-site painting, durability, a timber-like look and 2 sizing choices: 2540 & 2700 x 1198x6mm.

Villaboard® Lining
Seamless and flat this lining is suited for high traffic and wet environments, such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. It is versatile in finish, being ready for tiling, wallpapering or painting. It’s specifically designed uniform nature means resistance to moisture damage and when wet won’t deform or lose its structural integrity.

Versilux® Lining
When it comes to square edged, flat panel styling the light-weight, hard-wearing Versilux® is the perfect choice for high-traffic areas in residential, medium-density and commercial buildings. The tessellating style adds the right touch for internal wall and ceiling linings in laundries, kitchens and more. In addition, the design for on-site painting and lightweight makes it a rapid installation option for tradespeople and owner-builders. Alongside this, Versilux® can be combined with the wide range of James Hardie™ accessories or straight PVC jointers for a truly unique style.

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Need quality interior linings for wet or high traffic rooms? Need a substrate perfect for tiling over? Contact your local Big River branch or request a quote to find out how fibre cement can be the solution.

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HardieGroove™ lining

Sheet size: 2700 x 1200 x 7.5 mm

Pineridge lining

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 2540 x 1198 x 6mm
  • 2700 x 1198 x 6mm

Villaboard lining

Product code Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Mass(kg/m2)
400364 1,800 1,200 6 9.54
400367 2,400 900 6 9.54
400362 2,400 1,200 6 9.54
400357 2,400 1,200 9 13.94
400370 2,400 1,350 6 9.54
400361 2,700 1,200 6 9.54
400356 2,700 1,200 9 13.94
400366 3,000 900 6 9.54
400360 3,000 1,200 6 9.54
400355 3,000 1,200 9 13.94
400352 3,000 1,200 12 18.59
400369 3,000 1,350 6 9.54
403331 3,000 1,350 9 13.94
400359 3,600 1,200 6 9.54
400354 3,600 1,200 9 13.94
400368 3,600 1,350 6 9.54
400358 4,200 1,200 6 9.54
400363 4,200 1,350 6 9.54

Versilux lining

Product code Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Mass(kg/m2)
400454 2,400 900 4.5 7.26
400452 2,400 1,200 4.5 7.26
400424 2,400 1,200 6 9.62
400423 2,700 1,200 6 9.62
401878 2,700 1,200 9 13.88
400425 3,000 900 6 9.62
400450 3,000 1,200 4.5 7.26
400422 3,000 1,200 6 9.62
400449 3,600 1,200 4.5 7.26
400421 3,600 1,200 6 9.62